California Gold Replica Coins

The need for smaller fractional denominations of gold coins may have been met by hundreds of varieties of small gold pieces in quarter, half, and dollar sizes. Over.

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30 Nov 1989.

In any event, enough is known to safely say that about 90% of coins claiming to be California fractional gold are actually counterfeits or replicas.

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24 Jun 2013.

However, eBay sellers continue to be the most atrocious resellers of fake California gold coins and replicas thereof. Almost half of 472 lots titled.

Discover the coins from the Most Famous Gold Rush of all - California. Part II of Pioneer Gold VideoThe best horror anthologies draw from vintage comic books or radio dramas, but Evil Little Things barely gets the structure.

Hello Mr. Edge — Sounds like you have a replica of a California fractional, small denomination gold piece with a face value of one half dollar. These coins were.

12 Mar 2017.


Brass or plated replicas usually have an odd-looking bear on the reverse, just like the one.

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