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14 May 2020.

Deleting an XRP Ledger wallet from your GateHub account will not make the XRP reserve available. Multiple XRP Ledger wallets. XRP ledger.

21 Apr 2020.

GateHub allows you to add and remove wallets from your account which can hold up to 30 XRP Ledger wallets or GateHub hosted wallets.


21 Apr 2020.

Options available in XRP Ledger wallets and GateHub hosted wallets: “Rename” – you can change the name of the wallet at any time. “Set as.

RippleQuest! How to Set Up a GateHub Account to Purchase RippleBTC XRPL hot wallet: rhKgFxe7Mp38yeJzvwoNLm46RxMdXotTn6 0.2 % XRPL Fee XRPL cold wallet: rchGBxcD1A1C2tdxF6papQYZ8kjRKMYcL.